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This ESL podcast is a comedy style talk show done by two Canadian brothers living in Shanghai, China. Fun to listen to and a great way to improve English.
020 Insurance Job Interview ESL podcast

This ESL podcast is a post job interview conversation.  Another great episode from  Listen up.


Add:  How’d the interview go today?


And:  Great! I think I got the job.


Add:  What kind of job is it?


And:  It’s selling life insurance.  They said the top guys earn over a quarter million dollars per year in commission.


Add:  Ya, that’s how they hook you.  Did they happen to mention the industry average?  Also, how are you supposed to find business?


And:  They have a list of people and you are supposed to phone them.


Add:  Oh, cold calling?  That’s horrible.  I did that before.  It’s really easy to get discouraged.  I couldn’t handle all the rejections.  You are always interrupting people while they are at work and stuff.  They often get angry and it’s just a really difficult way to do business.


And:  I spoke with a few guys who did it and they said it was tough at first, but later on you get a lot of business from referrals so you don’t have to rely on cold calling.


Add: that’s not too bad I guess.  Do they pay you a salary as well?


And:  They do for the first 6 months and then after that its all commission based.  I’m going to try it out.  I’ve got a feeling I can be pretty persuasive.


Add:  It’s a lot harder than you think, but good luck, I don’t want to discourage you.  I’m sure it will be a good experience at the very least.

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