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This ESL podcast is a comedy style talk show done by two Canadian brothers living in Shanghai, China. Fun to listen to and a great way to improve English.
English Learning Podcast  016- Casual phone conversation  esl podcast 16 - In this conversation we hear a casual phone conversation between two people.  Learn to speak like native speakers in a casual and relaxed way while learning helpful vocabulary


Otis:  Hello,

Andy:  Hey what’s up?

Otis:  Not much.  I’m in the office right now but I’ve got a few minutes to kill before my boss gets back.


Andy:  Cool.  What are you up to this weekend?

Otis:  Not sure yet.  I’ve got no plans as of now but I’m definitely up for something.


Andy:  How about a round of golf Saturday afternoon and then we’ll hit the town later.


Otis:  Sounds perfect.  Oh no, that’s right, I think I have some kind of boring work function I have to go to. 


Andy:  That sucks, is there any way you can get out of it?


Otis:  I’ll try to think of something. 


Andy:  You better.  It’s going to be a great afternoon.


Otis:  I’ll see what I can do.  I’ll keep you posted.


Andy:  Alright.  Make sure you get back to me by Thursday.


Otis.  Will do.


Andy:  Ok.  Later


Otis:  Later

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