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This ESL podcast is a comedy style talk show done by two Canadian brothers living in Shanghai, China. Fun to listen to and a great way to improve English.

This ESL podcast is about a bet between two friends.  One guy quit smoking.  Can he keep off his cigarettes?


A:  What are you doing with that cigarette?  I thought you quit cold turkey.

B:  I did quit.  I just have the odd one when I’m out drinking with my friends.  I never buy them anymore.

A:  How long have you been doing this?

B:  I didn’t have any at all for 2 months.  This past week I started smoking just on weekends when I’m out.  It’s no big deal. 

A:  I don’t buy it at all.  You know how addictive smoking is.  It’s easier to have none at all then it is to try to limit yourself to a few.  It’s a really slippery slope.

B:  You sound like my mother.  Let’s make a bet.  I bet you 200 bucks that I don’t have a cigarette outside of a bar for the next six months.

 A:  You’re on. But, how will I know whether or not you are cheating.

B:  We’ll have to use the honor system.

A:  Fine.  This is a real bet then.  200 bucks.  6 months.  No cheating and no backing out.

B:  No problem.  This is going to be the easiest 200 bucks I’ve ever made. 

A:  Hey, I hope you win. 

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