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This ESL podcast is a comedy style talk show done by two Canadian brothers living in Shanghai, China. Fun to listen to and a great way to improve English.
121 - China232 Story

This ESL podcast is about China232 changing business models.  Learn English for daily conversation and learn about us.


A:  Add, I’m glad we finally decided to take our heads out of the sand and go ahead with the VIP section.

B:  Me too.  I know you wanted to keep everything free and were on the fence for quite a while about switching business models

A:  I guess part of me didn’t want to face reality. 

B:  I think it’s better now anyway.  Now we have more time to make the site way better.  Anyone who is really serious about improving their English will only have to cough up $75 per year to get full access to the new and improved site. Anyone who signs up won’t regret it.

A:  Ya. When you put it that way it’s actually a pretty sick deal.

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