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This ESL podcast is a comedy style talk show done by two Canadian brothers living in Shanghai, China. Fun to listen to and a great way to improve English.
125 - Business Secrets Part 1

This ESL podcast is about learning new business ideas and improving your life.


A:  Who do you think will be the big winners in business over the next couple of years?

B:  I don’t have a crystal ball but I really believe that people who are adaptable, can speak English and another language well, people who understand the internet, and people who can network well will be at a huge advantage.  Moreso now than ever before.

A:  What is it about the current landscape of the global economy that values these skillsets?

B:  Rapid technological change and a massive transfer of wealth from rich to poor countries are two major trends that will continue well into the foreseeable future.  People who take advantage of these trends will be ahead of the game and become rich, while those who sit around hoping that change won’t happen will be left in the dust.

A:  Can you give any specific examples?

B:  Take education for example.  Because of technology, it’s now possible for a professor to give a high quality video lecture to anyone around the world who has an Internet connection.  That was unheard of less than 20 years ago.  There is so much untapped business potential it’s ridiculous.
A:  Why is learning English more important now than ever before? 

B:  There are many reasons but one is that English is the international language.  The majority of new cutting edge ideas will be talked or written about either first or second in English.  People with a decent understanding of English as well as business, will be able to stay ahead of the curve and apply these new ideas to make a fortune in their own country.

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