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This ESL podcast is a comedy style talk show done by two Canadian brothers living in Shanghai, China. Fun to listen to and a great way to improve English.

This ESL podcast is the second part of the dialog about getting tickets to the tennis match in Shanghai.


A: How did it go last night?

B: It was an emotional roller coaster. At first we were excited to go because we thought we’d get in no problem. Then when we got there we found out the tickets were selling for a lot more than we’d planned, which almost made us leave. We finally made a deal with someone to get cheap seats, but after waiting around and freezing our butts off for 25 minutes, that deal fell through for some stupid reason that I still haven’t figured out.

A: So did you guys end up leaving?

B: We were going to. After the deal fell through we started walking back to the car and heard a voice shout out, “Who wants free box seats?” We were obviously skeptical of that so we just kept walking. All of a sudden, a guy ran up to us, handed us the tickets, and said, “Go enjoy the game guys, my girlfriend got food poisoning all of a sudden and I need to take her to the hospital”. Before we even had a chance to thank him, he was gone. His tickets were amazing too. Box seats!

B: That’s unbelievable!

A: I know, the only annoying thing was that the match ended up being really short. Federer absolutely smoked Roddick in straight sets.

B: That’s still awesome though!

A: I know, it was quite the night.

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This ESL podcast is about a guy who is refusing to go to a concert because he is still upset with his friend for something he did in the past.


A:  Great news!  U2 is coming to town in a couple months.  Tickets go on sale next week.   I say we all pony up and get some good seats.

B:  I’m not much of a concert guy so I really can’t see myself “ponying up”.

A:  What do you mean, “you’re not a concert guy”.  That’s a pretty lame excuse.

B:  To each his own I guess.  I can’t remember you ponying up when we all went to watch the NBA game last year.

A:  You’re not still bitter about that are you?  I wanted to go but I was sick.

B:  You had a sore throat and a little sniffle

A:  Wow.  You are still bitter.  I can’t believe you are still holding a holding a grudge.  Ok.  How about this?  I’ll pay for the concert tickets this time if you promise never to mention the NBA thing again. 

B:  Deal.

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